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Post-doctoral scholarship for retail research


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The Centre for Retailing (CFR) is a research centre at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. The CFR's goal is to promote and support research, training and business contacts in the field of retailing, increase knowledge of the importance of retailing and generating new interest in retailing as a social phenomenon.

CFR is announcing a two-year post-doctoral scholarship of SEK 680,000 (as well as SEK 150,000 in insurance) for research in the field of retailing. The scholarship covers two years and is aimed at researchers who completed their doctorate degree between 2011-2014 (in the case of an absence due to parental leave, for example, this period can be extended to the length of the absence, with a maximum of two years).

The scholarship involves research activity and corresponds to 70% of full time. During the two-year period, the scholarship recipient will be an active participant in CFR's operations. For part of the time, the scholarship recipient can be a guest researcher at an overseas institution or place of learning. The scholarship can begin as of 2015. The scholarship will be paid out in four instances, with SEK 170,000 being awarded in each instance. In conjunction with the first and third payment, an amount of SEK 75,000 is paid out for insurance.

The scholarship is paid out by the Traders’ Research Foundation in Gothenburg. The applications are processed at CFR. Before a decision is reached in terms of awarding the scholarship, opinions are solicited from both scientific experts as well as industry representatives. The application must include a brief description of the project and the applicant's credentials. The quality of the application and the relevance for retailing will affect the evaluation. Only fully completed applications will be processed. Applicants will be notified of the decision via e-mail by 31 January 2015 at the latest.

A report on the scholarship awarded will be completed in the form of a progress report after the first year and a final report at the end of the scholarship period. The report shall include information about the activities that were completed within the framework of the scholarship, how the research progressed and which publications it resulted in. The progress report must be submitted at the latest two months after the third payment. The final report occurs two months after the end of the scholarship period at the latest.

The deadline for applying is 25 November 2014.

Gothenburg, 21 October 2014
Johan Hagberg, Director Centre for Retailing


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